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The pro package contains the source-code of all deep linking and domain association features, including the iOS and macOS native libraries.

Universal Deeplinking plugin enables your Unity projects to be opened or activated using deep links and/or web links, enabling your projects another way to interact with your users.

The plugin automatically configures deep linking and domain association on the target platform on build, making its usage simple and quick, the integration is as simple as registering a callback to an event.

Under the hood, the plugin was made to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with any other plugins on all platforms.


– Plug and play

– Simple UI to configure your deep links and web links

– Built-in editor test tool

– Global or per platform configurations

– Steam Integration

– Automatic query string parsing

– Simple API

Deep Linking Supported Platforms:

– Android

– iOS

– Windows Store

– Standalone (Linux, Windows, MacOs [intel and arm])

– Steam (Linux, Windows, MacOs [intel and arm])

– tvOS

Domain/Web Association Supported Platforms:

– Android

– iOS

– Windows Store

– tvOS

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This asset uses optool under BSD license; see Notice.txt file in package for details.

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